What is tacopalooza?


“Guess what I’m having for dinner!?”

An all too common text I send in my excitement of having tacos for dinner yet again. Oddly enough the recipient of this text seemed surprised nearly every time.

“How many tacos do you think you eat a year?”

Hmmm, never thought about this but I’d guess a lot. I probably eat at LEAST one taco meal a week consisting of 3-4 tacos. That doesn’t include the Chipotle burrito/bowl or the plate of nachos or the enchiladas that sometimes grace my plate. And often I have tacos more than once a week. I would say a pretty conservative guess would be about 250 tacos.

I like tacos.

This got me thinking, I bet I could eat 365 tacos in a year. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! #tacopalooza2015 is born. This blog will be a record of my journey of taco eating and my thoughts regarding anything and everything tacos.

Let’s lay down some ground rules.

What is a taco? I will define a taco this year as a tortilla with protein filling and salsa or hot sauce. To count as a taco this year I must have these 3 basic components.

Tortillas (definition: a vessel in which to carry delicious ingredients into my face hole). Corn or flour, soft or hard ¬†(really who likes hard shells? If you do you’re wrong) are all acceptable. Chips, no. Taco salad shell, no.

Filling: The variety of filling is what will make this endeavor much less of a challenge. There’s so many to choose from! Barbacoa, beans, carnitas, chorizo, chicken, eggs, fish, lengua, shrimp, tofu! There’s so many to choose from! Another mini challenge within a challenge is to see how many new fillings I can try. Yes I may even given tripe another go. There’s so many to choose from!

Let’s talk salsa. My staple is pace picante but corn salsa, verde salsa, and pico de gallo all count. I’m also going to throw straight up hot sauces in the salsa category. I mean really salsa means sauce. I’m about to have a plethora of mouth hurt at my disposal curtosy of my addicted to hot sauce boyfriend, so again, I’m gonna use tacopalooza2015 as an excuse to try a ton of new salsas!

What about other toppings? Anything else on the taco is fair game as long as the 3 basic components are met. Lettuce, cheese, onions, sour cream, potatoes, rice, guacamole, corn, yes please!

So Kelly, does Chipotle count? Yes, because I traditionally get a bowl but then eat the whole shebang in tortillas. Therefore, tortilla, protein, salsa.

What if you decide to get Chipotle¬†in a burrito? Honestly I’ll probably count it as 1 glorious new-born baby-sized taco. I’ll enjoy it tremendously but it’ll still only be 1.

What about chocotacos? Ick no.

How’s bouts fajitas? (pronounced fah-jai-tas for those of you not fluent in Spanish) Hells yes fajitas count!

Say you go to taco bell and get a crunch wrap supreme will that count as a taco? Although it contains the 3 basic components of the taco challenge, I’m gonna rule a no on this one. I can’t put my finger on it as to why but I just have this feeling that it deviates too much from a traditional taco. I will stick with burritos counting as 1 taco however. That means a burrito supreme, grilled stuffed burrito, chili cheese burrito, quesarrito are all game. Mind you counting these is to my disadvantage because while all similar in flavor, burritos tend to be much larger and denser than tacos. 1 burrito could probably equal 3 tacos but I will still only count it as 1.

Do taco pizzas count? I wish! But no.

There are still a lot of gray areas I’m debating. In the end I will probably leave it up to you to decide.

Thanks for following me on this year of taco feasting! I intend to keep you all updated on my taco count, thoughts on tacos, and events relating to unique taco experiences. As of publishing this post, my current taco count stands at 33.


5 thoughts on “What is tacopalooza?

  1. Carp February 10, 2015 / 9:26 am

    Taco pizza doesn’t count, but what about a pizza taco? The ChocoTaco’s understandable, as it lacks a protein, but if you fill the taco with non-Mexican-style stuffins, the possibilities are endless.


    • joke0602 February 10, 2015 / 9:35 am

      I have had a pizza quesadilla before… and it’s soooo good. More like a calzone but with a burrito shell not a pizza crust. I’ll say no on the pizza taco. I know I will venture away from mexican-style stuffins, I already have. There is a fine line between what deviates too far from a taco and what is just a creative taco. That’s where the TacGO or TacNO catergory will come into play!

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  2. West Side Tacos May 19, 2015 / 1:25 pm

    This is the worst taco blog ive ever seen ever!!!!! Why travel almost two states to go eat a taco in small bar that’s not even known for their tacos. Instead travel 20 minutes to the west side of saint paul and try some tacos from that area, awesome tacos. Boca Chica Restaurant , boca chicas taco house, el taquito, or one of the many food trucks that serve awesome tacos. Add some variety to the places you choose to eat instead of eating 12 different tacos from one place. One Thumb down on this blog.


    • TacoKelly May 19, 2015 / 2:04 pm

      I appreciate your opinion and I’m sorry if you are disappointed in the blog so far. It’s still sort of evolving and I’ve never claimed to be a journalist, I just have fun eating, writing, and talking about tacos. The small town taco place was something that we ran into when some friends and I were skiing in Northern WI. It got good reviews (surprisingly) on Yelp and in fact they were claimed to have the best tacos in that area. Please also check out my “Tour de Tacos” tab to see a list of places that have been recommended to me, I think you’ll be pleased to see that Boca Chica and El Taquito are on there among many others. I think it is important to not judge any restaurant based on one menu item. One place might do chicken really well and that same place might have the worst carnitas ever. Please check back in a month or two and check out some more places that I’ve visited!


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