Taco Review: Tienda y Taqueria Guerrero (Austin, MN)

Calvin and Hobbes. Bran and Hodor. Han and Chewie. Tacos and Jarritos.

It’s a pairing gift from the gods. I’ve had tacos without Jarritos. And I’ve had Jarritos without tacos. While both are good solo, put em together and you have very near a perfect meal. The savory meatsies in tacos are washed down with sweet and bubbly fruit soda. I just can’t get enough of this combo.

So I had to go and get it today. If there is one redeeming grace about Austink, it’s the phenomenal little Mexican grocery with a sketchy restaurant in back. They have THE best verde salsa I’ve ever had. What’s even better…. You can buy it by the pint!!!!

I’m sitting here now, with my mango Jarrito, waiting for my tacos. Let me tell you a short story while I wait. One weekend I had a friend come down to visit. We came to this joint for dinner. It was spectacular. Went back to my apartment, drank a bit, picked up another friend, then walked over to some Towny bars. 11 pm rolls around (all the bars are dead by this point, even on a Saturday night) and on the walk back, THIS PLACES TACO TRUCK IS OPEN!!!!  There are few things that bring me as much joy as after hours snacks. Of course I got more tacos. And they were everything my gurggly tummy needed! Praise the taco gods.

Foods here! 


2 asada, 2 Al pastor, and 2 carnitas. Yes, I ate 6 tacos but I just got done at the gym so lay off me I’m starving! These tacos really are a true embodiment of everything a good taco should be. The meatsies shine. A simple double corn tortilla, some onions and cilantro, a couple radish slices. That’s it. I garnish with lime and tapatio as well. The meats are incredibly flavorful and distinct. And just a little crispy. The most perfect taco I have ever had.

5 out of 5 for taste, this goes for every meat I’ve had at this place. They are all amazing in their own regards.

Taco count: 41


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