Welcome to tacGO or tacNO!

In this segment, I will introduce you the reader to a dish I have consumed that may borderline on taco and leave it up to you to decide if the meal in question will count towards my taco count. I feel like my introductory dish for this post is a classic Mexican eats but is not necessarily a taco.

I present, the enchilada.


The enchilada is most often a corn tortilla wrapped around a meaty filling and smothered in delicious sauce and cheese. While it fits MY definition of a taco I could see this one being not-a-taco as it is a meal to be consumed with a fork and I most definitely prefer my tacos to be hand-held. Another argument is that since it has its own name that it is then not a taco. But I have already made the decision to count a burrito as a taco and that has its own name also.

So where does the line get drawn on enchiladas?

Comment under this post or on the Facebook status in which I shared this post. I’ll count votes after a week and pick the majority opinion as the winner. Ties go towards not-a-taco.

P.S. I wish unicorn enchiladas were a real thing. I’d eat the shit out of those!

The verdict came in as TACNO! Enchiladas will NOT count as tacos. 


2 thoughts on “Welcome to tacGO or tacNO!

  1. Lauren February 4, 2015 / 3:51 pm

    In my taco loving opinon, I vote no to Enchiladas counting. I guess I’m just a taco purest.

    Liked by 1 person

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