Experiments for my Mouth: Sweet potato and egg taco

This wasn’t a recent eat of mine (I made these back in week 2 or 3 of my taco journey) but I wanted to talk about tacos this week so I figured now was a good time to share this recipe with all of my avid #tacopalooza2015 followers.

Eggs with a creamy runny yolk will get me every time. So it’s no surprise that while stumbling through my favorite food website early on my journey I was immediately curious about this sweet potato, sage, and egg taco. It definitely doesn’t look like a traditional taco but it covers all the bases. And it looked easy! Which is another of the infinite reasons why I like tacos.


Results: Not really what I expected but still great flavor! The creamy, runny yolk mixed with the slightly crispy taters was delightful and savory but the tater chunks kept falling out and the yolk made the corn tortilla soggy. This was actually really hard to eat in a taco. I tried a couple different set ups to prevent yolk and tortilla contact but it all ended up running down my arm and onto my plate any way. I usually consume 3 tacos for a meal and I felt like a pig eating 3 eggs plus other ingredients in one meal (then again I’m the one writing a food blog so feeling like a pig shouldn’t really be an issue for me). Alas, after 3 tacos I called it quits and decided to just eat the rest with a fork sans tortilla.

3.5 out of 5 for flavor.

1 out of 5 for portability.


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