Small Town Tacos

We wanted a bar. We wanted food.

Enter “The Munch Bar & Tacos”.the-munch

A corner towny bar on the edge of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula welcomes you with a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy logo on acid. “Famous” (I’m guessing this word is thrown around very liberally in these parts) for its taco sauce and cheap tacos.

I wanted tacos but one look at the menu and I decided against them. The only option was hard or soft shell ground beef tacos adorned with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. I knew deep down these would be a disappointment. Even if I was a tad boozy and famished.

A bacon cheese burger it was! Chadd was braver than me. He ordered 5 tacos.

The cheap red baskets lined with wax paper were delivered to our tables. The tacos looked exactly like you’d imagine. Now don’t get me wrong, I eat tacos like these, but usually only when it comes as a meal or a snack from Taco Bell. I just didn’t want one this night.

Chadd made me eat one.

They were not absolutely terrible, definitely room for them to get worse, but if I find myself in those parts of stranded wilderness again, I wouldn’t eat there. Even if I only had $5 and was drunk and wanted tacos. There was just no flavor in the meat.

Now let’s talk about this famous taco sauce. What is the difference between sauce and salsa when it comes to tacos? In my mind, salsas are endless combinations of (hopefully fresh) peppers, tomatoes, corn, avocados, onions, tomatillos, the list goes on. Sauce on the other hand always conjures up an Ortega like bland red goop which may or may not have tomato hunks in it. That’s pretty much what I thought of the “famous” sauce here, glorified Ortega. Maybe add more sugar.

Don’t believe me? As I was searching for a website to embed for The Munch I ran across this fellow taco enthusiasts review on the whole shebang (and yes I stole his photo, here is your credit). I NEED to remember to start taking pictures.

Taste of Tacos: 1 out of 5

Taste of “Famous” Taco Sauce: 1 out of 5

Taco Count: 66


2 thoughts on “Small Town Tacos

  1. Josh February 25, 2015 / 12:16 pm

    Great (accurate) review. Thanks for the shoutout! And, I don’t mind you using my picture, even if it is pretty crappy quality. Totally agree with you on the sauce. “Glorified Ortega” with a little added sugar is spot on….


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