Thailand Tries Tacos

They tried. Given the fact that much of Thailand’s attempts at western food was pretty poor, the tacos were about par for the western food course.

20150312_073748Enter day 8 of vacation. I’m taco deprived. We had found a nice corner restaurant with a shaded patio and a chalk board advertising breakfast tacos. Sold. A good breakfast tacos is one of my favorite kind of tacos. They look fancy, two flour tortillas, toppings held in place with toothpick skewers. Eggs, barbecue shredded pork, some thinly sliced Thai chilis, sour cream and avacado on the side.

20150312_073830First bite…interesting. The pork has a barbecue flavor which is not unpleasant but unexpected for a breakfast taco. It doesn’t really mix well with the eggs. The avacado is terrible for some reason. All the components are just there, not really mixing well. A good taco should be like cramming a handful of skittles in your mouth back when lime was the green flavor. The flavors all mix together in harmony and happiness. These tacos were like cramming a handful of skittles in your mouth with the new green apple flavor, it sticks out and doesn’t play nice with the other colors. I give these tacos a 2 out of 5.

20150321_221134Enter day 18 of vacation. Our friends have met up with us in Koh Tao and we are having dinner at this renowned restaurant call Barracuda. They are known for their barracuda dishes… go figure right? Between the 4 of us, we order 3 appetizers and 4 entrees. And we are still hungry. So after dinner we eat a duck breast dish. It’s shredded duck breast served with a slaw like deal of spring onion and cucumber and a sweet plum sauce type thing on a sesame pancake that very closely resembles a tortilla. Meets all the criteria of a taco, survey says it’s a taco. The duck to me was a little dry but the saurce was good. Sometimes it’s odd to eat a taco that doesn’t have any Mexican influence. I give this taco dish a 3 out of 5.

A few days later we are still on Koh Tao. It’s our break day from all the diving we were doing. Chadd is sleeping the heat of the day away. I am roaming around our small patch for beach. Finally, late afternoon rolls around and I am famished. I see a hostel on the main road that advertises tacos. I’ve walked past it at least 5 times prior to this day and just never had a chance to stop. I go now and by the time I get there I’m ravenous. I order a burrito with pineapple chicken. I know, this is a taco blog but screw it I was hungrier than a hippo and I wanted a solid meal. The burrito takes FOREVER to come out. I’m staring at a huuuge jar of homemade salsa: tomato, onion, cilantro, lime juice. All I can think is “I want to drink it it looks so good. Dammit I should have gotten chips too. Where’s a spoon so I can start eating this sauce straight up? Oh thank god my burrito is here!” Another jar of salsa is served also, this one yellowish, I have no idea whats in it. It is spicy and smoky but kinda bitter too. Not really into it. First bite of burrito: very dry. Add this awesome jar salsa! Better but everything is just so dry. Lots of rice, oddly some rice stick noodles, beans, the chicken has no flavor, is dry, and is just a whole breast laid in there, not cut up or anything. I eat it but only because I’m hungry.


By the time I’m halfway done, about the point of this photo, I just can’t finish. Dammit I should have gotten the tacos. I give Thailand burritos 1 out of 5 stars seeing as I couldn’t even finish it. However, I give the jar salsa a 3 out of 5. Not spectacular but pretty surprising for Thailand western style.

There is still an unfilled need for solid tacos in Thailand. Hopefully in a few years I’ll be back opening up a taco stand.

Taco Count: 5 tacos eaten in 28 days. 


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