Taco Review: Taqueria La Hacienda


Lake Street has plenty of taco joints to choose from so where does one even start? You have a couple methods to help you decide:

  1. Let someone else choose for you
  2. Open the phone book (a book listing addresses and phone numbers for businesses or people used in an antiquated pre-internet era) or a map, close your eyes and point at something
  3. Go to Mercado Central and which has multiple little stands to try a plethora of Mexican treats

20150415_133353I went with a mixture of #1 and #3. Mother Gaither suggested Mercado Central for lunch. After walking around a bit seeing what there was to offer, this glorious Al Pastor meat spit made my decision to eat at Taqueria La Hacienda a done deal!

Slow roasted pork in all its glory (despite a potato quality photo)


I got 2 tacos al pastor and 2 steak. Chadd got 2 al pastor, 1 chorizo, and 1 carnita. Mother Gaither got an al pastor platter. Did I mention the al pastor meat spit looked amazing?!


Tacos al pastor and steak tacos.

Homer Simpson had it right when he said, “ugghhhaghugh”. Please just click on the link for better effect because I have no idea how to spell out that noise. These al pastor are juicy and tender and crispy and slightly sweet. I may have mentioned before that when meat is done correctly it’s almost like eating candy. You just can’t stop picking up all the little meat droppings and licking your fingers. Absolutely phenomenal! The steak were not as good as the al pastor but that is by no means saying they were bad. In fact, the steak tacos were great! Unfortunately they just got overshadowed by the al pastor greatness. Tender, decent flavor if not a bit on the bland side, something a bit of lime and small drizzle or dip of that red salsa didn’t fix.

Steak tacos: 4/5. Al Pastor: 5/5.


Tacos al pastor, carnitas taco, chorizo taco.

I took one bite out of Chadd’s carnita taco and it was also pretty amazing. Tender and flavorful, I will get the carnitas again if I make my way back to Mercado Central. All of the tacos were perfect in that they featured a good amount of meat, just a dash of chopped cilantro (too much can ruin a taco for me, I’m looking at you Chadd), and crunchy diced onion. A perfect balance.

Carnitas tacos: 5/5.


I need to go out to lunch with Mother Gaither more often because she never finishes her meal and I get to eat the rest 🙂

Even after eating my 4 tacos and 2 more tacos off Mother Gaither’s plate, I wanted a tamale.

BUT THERE WERE NO TAMALES TO BE FOUND!! So sad for my belly. I mean, multiple places sold them, but every single stand was out for the day. This leads me to one conclusion: The tamales must be rockin’!! I will be back to Mercado Central for some tamales!

Taqueria La Hacienda overall score: 4.5/5

Tacos consumed: 106




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