Cinco de Mayo at Las Teresitas and the 12 Taco Challenge


Hope your Cinco de Mayo was a blur of margaritas and tacos! Mine was more so of the latter, too many in fact. Let me review Las Teresitas first.


Las Teresitas is just down the road from me and they feature a pretty amazing nacho/salsa bar. Pico de gallo, numerous jalapeno salsas, guaillo salsa, smoky chipotle salsas, pickled onions and habeneros, diced onions and cilantro, and some others that weren’t labeled that I couldn’t quite figure out what they were but delicious none the less. There are definitely a salsa (or 4) that will delight your taste buds.


I’ve tried all of their tacos except the ground beef and tripe. I don’t do tripe. Unless someone can give me a hands down awesome tripe dish, I won’t bother. It’s one of the few things I will saw “ew” to. Please, suggest somewhere that serves tripe that will prove me wrong.

Only the chorizo and the carne asada are worthy of a full fledged 5/5 rating. The rest were only a 3/5. The chorizo had great flavor and even though it was a bit greasy it still had a good amount of crisp to the meat. The carne asada was also very tender and crisp. Just the way I like it. There just wasn’t anything incredibly special about the other meats to make them stand out. I was actually really disappointed by the cheek and the tongue. I’ve had tongue tacos before and they were gooood. Not here though.

Las Teresitas salsa bar is definitely a 5/5. You just can’t go wrong with the quality of salsas they have and the variety. I wish I always had that many salsas on hand at home. I’ve also eaten their enchiladas verdes. Good from what I remember but cannot give it a rating because a) it’s not a taco and b) it’s been over a year since I’ve eaten them so I need a refresher.

20150505_140040Noshing on some sALsas.

All in all, Las Teresita earns a 4/5. 

Now, let me get to why I maybe had too many tacos on Cinco de Mayo.

I mentioned one evening to the boyfriend that I could probably eat 12 tacos from Las Teresitas as they are little yet delicious. He doubted me. We made a wager: If I eat 12 tacos on a Taco Tuesday he pays the bill. If I fail, the bill is mine.

What better way to finally solve this gastronomic gamble than on Cinco de Mayo. AND IT’S TACO TUESDAY TOO! ONLY $1.25 FOR EACH TACO!!!

12 tacos in all their glory20150505_140705


Long story short, don’t doubt me when I say I can eat 12 tacos. CUZ I CRUSHED THEM!!!!

20150505_142637The last taco. That is the face of “impressed with myself” mixed with “not wanting to play anymore”.

But my tummy tum was very uncomfortable the rest of the night. So much so that I went to the Twins game and couldn’t even handle eating a Kamarczuk’s Polish Sausage… even 6 hours later!

Taco count: 146


3 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo at Las Teresitas and the 12 Taco Challenge

  1. Linda Karppinen May 18, 2015 / 6:47 pm

    I enjoyed your blog. As native Minnesotan who lived in Mexico for several years and for the past 30+ years in So Cal, I have some comments to share with you.Here goes: Yes to radishes, cilantro, tomatoes minimally acceptable but forget about cheese. They are not included in Mexican tacos altho a nice queso fundido wouldn’t go unappreciated. Salsas here in SO CAL have gone WAY beyond MN offerings … check out Yelp.. a Santa Barbara place called Monys or Las Aguaves or Los Arroyos for the latest in salsa offerings (I asked my table mates permission and drank the entire serving of pico de gallo at Las Aguaves…) including peanut butter, pistacio, etc. Burritos NOR fajitas nor enchiladas should be included in your taco categories. Eggs? forget about them in tacos as well as ground beef. Cabbage is more popular than lettuce in street tacos Mexico City style. One of the best loved long time restaurants her is SB is Lito’s.. which aired on Guy Fieri’s Food Network programs.. they use only copper pans from Mexico and use MILK and OJ in their carnitas recipe. Who knew but they are DELICIOUS! YOU DID NOT EAT A DUCK TACO.. RATHER YOU ATE A fRENCH INFUENCED CREPE LIKE TEXTURE WHICH ENCASED THE DUCK… THE fRENCH HAd a long history in SE Asia and so it was not a taco. In SoCal there has been a long history of fusion food the most popular one beginning with a Korean American named Roy Choi whose food trucks are enormously popular as are his standard restaurants .Korean/Mexican is an accepted food culture subset here. Look forward to some of our taco recommendations as even my MSP/STP friends who also spent time there have not brought for the best recommendation when I am able to come home. Happy Eating.


    • TacoKelly May 18, 2015 / 8:02 pm

      I appreciate your insight. I understand that some of my taco eats are not a traditional taco (the sweet potato egg, the duck thing, etc.) but I feel in the essence of variety and the blog it’s important to mix it up a bit. I was with 3 other friends in Thailand when I ate the duck and they all agreed that I could/should count it as a taco. I’m super intrigued by the OJ and milk additions for a carnitas recipe. I’ll have to give that a go.


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