Taco Review: Maya Cuisine

maya_cuisineAt long last, I have found not only a 5/5 taco, but an entire 5/5 establishment in Minneapolis. Maya Cuisine on Central Avenue in NE Minneapolis came highly recommended by friends and strangers alike. And for good reason! With a solid selection of taco fillings served with the toppings you desire (I’m a minimalist enjoying only onions, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime but if you prefer cheese, lettuce, or more then you have that option) there is no reason to be disappointed. And the best part, THEY HAVE A SALSA BAR! Picking that perfect combo of salsa flavor and heat to go with your meat (rhyme completely intended) gives me an odd satisfaction.

20150513_125818I went with my 3 favorite meats for this meal: al pastor, barbacoa, and carnitas. While I couldn’t see an al pastor spit turning in the kitchen, I was pretty impressed with the tenderness and flavor of the meat. The barbacoa and carnitas were evenly tender and fit the flavor profiles expected of these meats. There was something in the barbacoa seasonings that was a bit different than most but I couldn’t quite place my tongue on it. Maybe a different type of chile used? I’ll have to try it again.

maya-cuisineAs I mentioned, the salsa bar helps step these already fabulous tacos up an extra notch. There is a perfect salsa to compliment each taco, whether it be their mild but savory tomatillo-avacado salsa, a smoky chipotle salsa, a medium thick red salsa, or a hot (relatively) tomatillo-jalepeno salsa.

And, get this guys, Maya Cuisine offers a Sunday Buffet! With hours from 10 am to 3 pm and an ever changing buffet menu you can’t go wrong!

Everything I experienced about Maya Cuisine is well deserving of a 5/5!

Taco Count: 152


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