Taco Review: Taco Taxi

taco taxi3

Unlike me and my terrible blogging habits, Lake Street has yet to disappoint in the taco department. Another strong showing, this time from one of my leading favorites neighbor, Taco Taxi.


Taco Taxi is a visually unimpressive hole in the wall: a dated weathered sign with chipping paint, a dingy interior, a single old tube television blaring some Mexican soap opera, and uninviting seating. However, Taco Taxi has a strong choice of tacos on the menu in addition to some burritos and enchiladas.

taco taxi 2


I ordered my usual selection, 2 al pastor, 1 carne asada, and 1 carnitas. Simple, traditional, and delicious. All came on 2 steamed corn tortillas with diced onion and cilantro, a couple slices of radishes and lime for a garnish, and a few squeeze bottles on the table with a house made tomatillo salsa. Super solid tacos all around. The meats tasted exactly how you’d expect these traditional fares to taste with the exception perhaps of some dryness on the carnitas part. Nothing a bit of that delightful salsa wouldn’t fix! Taco Taxi earns a strong 4/5 and comes highly recommended if you are driving down Lake Street looking for a quick bite.

taco taxi


I was accompanied on this taco trip by Zac fromWCCO. He was nice enough to take some time out of his day to enjoy tacos with me and to interview me about my blog. Here’s a link to the article! I know this was released a while back but my insanely crazy summer just did not provide me enough time to sit down to write this review (or any other reviews in the past 3 months, I’m terrible at this blogging business). Either way, check it out!

And because I’ve been so terrible at my duties, have a silly taco cartoon!

Displaying SC20150418-021925-1.jpg

Taco count: 130-134


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