Taco Review: Lago Tacos

I must admit, I have not biked to every taco joint I frequented this summer like I originally planned to do. BUT! I did bike up to Lago Tacos in Lynlake to meet my old friend Emily. It had been years since Emily and I caught up so I was more than excited to meet up with her and her new puppy. She didn’t bring her puppy like she promised so I spat in her face and walked off. KIDDING!



We thoroughly enjoyed our evening over tacos and margaritas. Lago Tacos is located on the corner of Lyndale and 29th just off the Midtown Greenway so it is incredibly convenient to get to via bike. We started our night with a refreshing mango margarita. I love mango so much! You pretty much can’t go wrong. Very cooling after a sweaty bike ride.


My first encounter with Lago Tacos was lack luster. Chadd and Mama Gaither each brought me a left over taco from their visit there over the winter. Now before you get all up in my face about how I can’t judge a place based on leftover tacos let me just say YES I can judge a place based on leftovers because this is my blog and I do what I want! I will also base my judgments on fresh tacos because I mean, you’re right, fresh is better. Now back to the review at hand. I was generously brought a left over Guava BBQ pork taco and a Chicken Tinga taco. The Guava BBQ pork consisted of pork confit, guava bbq sauce, sriracha slaw, fried onion strings & queso fresco. This taco would receive a 3/5 only thanks to the slaw and garnishes because the pork was pretty dried out, even with the meat still warm. The Chicken Tinga taco had slow cooked chicken with chipotle peppers and was garnished with salsa verde, lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado, and queso fresco. This taco was not great. I even scraped all the toppings off, reheated the chicken, and reassembled the taco fresh. The chicken was just dry and bland and the perfect reason why I don’t typically order chicken tacos.


I gave Lago Tacos another solid try and I was much more impressed with the Walleye Taco. This was all I needed to read on the menu before making my decision as to what to get. I absolutely love walleye and I think this is the only place in the Twin Cities that I have seen not just a fish taco, but a WALLEYE taco. The walleye hunks were a good, hefty size, with a solid beer batter that wasn’t greasy. The fish itself retained a good firmness without being dry. This taco is described as a “beer battered walleye filet with chipotle mayo, cabbage blend, pico de gallo, avacado, and queso fresco.” Everything worked very well together and even though 3 tacos were quite the feat to finish, I found myself wanting more just because the fish was so fantastic!



I grant Lago Tacos 3.5 out of 5 stars. I wasn’t impressed with the Guava BBQ Pork or Chicken Tinga tacos. But they have a very large menu which I’m sure includes other pretty great meals. This definitely won’t be my last time going to Lago Tacos. I have high hopes for the rest of their menu. Finally, another contributing factor to my score, their prices were “too damn high!” for only 3 tacos.

Taco Count: 173-175


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