Taco Review: Tavial Grill

Long story short, go to Tavial Grill for tamales instead of tacos.



I had 1 carne asada taco which was the definition of “blah” and 1 chorizo taco which was very dry. I’ve mentioned before how I like crispness to my taco meats but these both were on the overcooked side- too much crisp is definitely not a good thing. There was little flavor to the meat and even their house salsa couldn’t cover up the taste. I give both of these tacos a 2 out of 5. They did have pretty tasty beans though.

The tamale was the saving grace of the meal for me. It was well packed with a good masa exterior. While it may have been just a little on the light side in terms of meat, it had great flavor. I still argue that Los Loma has the best tamales but these are also worth a try if you are in the neighborhood of West 7th street and Tuscarora in St. Paul.



I give the tacos at Tavial Grill a 2 out of 5.  The tamale was solid, otherwise for tacos, you’d be better off going down the road to taco bell.

Taco count: 198-199


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