TacGO or TacNO: The Taco Salad

The taco salad. It’s like a taco, but in salad form.

TacGO: It literally has taco in the name.

TacNO: Don’t be stupid, it’s a salad. You can’t pick it up and eat it with your hands.

TacGO: It has all the required components of the taco.

TacNO: It doesn’t have a tortilla!


TacNO: It’s hardly a tortilla, it’s bowl shaped and not flat like a taco.

TacGO: If a tortilla not being flat disqualifies it from being a taco then the Doritos Locos Taco doesn’t count as a taco because it has a chip for a shell instead of a tortilla.

TacNO: Did I mention that lettuce is the worst part of a taco and the best part is the delicious meaty filling which a taco salad is clearly lacking.

TacGO: With the taco salad, you have more surface area to pack in as much meat as you want!

TacNO: That’s what he said.

TacGO: Look, the taco salad is the improved form of a taco because it’s easier to eat and you get a better variety of toppings.

TacNO: Taco salads are just half-assed nachos for people who feel bad about eating cheese.

Choose your side in the great taco salad debate of 2015. Polls will be open until October 10th!


The results are in! With 8 votes against and 4 votes for, it has been decided the a Taco Salad does NOT count as a taco! Rack up another win for TacNO!


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