Camping Tacos

I love camping. Everything tastes better cooked outside. When we go camping, we eat gooooood! Night one has recently been steak and lobster with an Orlando Blooming Onion. Yes, you read that right. Steak and lobster. Proof:




And of course we always have too much. Instead of giving the uneaten steak to the fish, we will bag it up and sink it in the lake to save for our breakfast the next morning. You know what that means, STEAK AND EGG TACOS!

I went camping twice this year and sadly, when we were in the Apostle Islands, I screwed up and didn’t sink the steak well enough. The wind picked up over night and that equals larger waves on shore. My relatively light weight limestone rock wasn’t heavy enough to weigh down the steaks in rougher water so they floated away overnight. Either that or a bear walked up on them and swiped them. The result remains the same… no steak and eggs that time.

We also try to get in a meal of fried fish tacos while camping. But alas, not this year. We didn’t go fishing in the Apostle Islands and our fishing haul in the Boundary Waters was sort of sad. I caught 2 monster Northerns but they never made it back to our camp site. We strung both of the 6 pound behemoths on the same cheap stringer and hauled them behind us for a few miles in rough water. Between the strain on the stringer and their sharp teeth, there was only frayed rope left behind the canoe where glorious fish should have been. Luckily the fish whisperer A-tron pulled through and caught us yet another monster Northern (I still claim that it was one of mine just swimming in the bay of our camp site). This guy was enough to feed 3 hungry adults. And not just a couple of fish nuggets, like actually made us full. Even though we got our beloved fish meal, it was raining and sad the day we cooked them up. I didn’t want to bust out the tortillas and risk them getting wet and soggy. And they were all the way across camp and it was raining. Did I mention it was raining?



The fish whisperer and the largest small mouth bass he has ever caught. We didn’t eat this though

Between the 2 camping trips I ate 5 breakfast tacos. While maybe not the best breakfast tacos I have ever had, they were still amazing as I said before that everything just tastes better in the woods, cooked over an open fire.



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