Taco Review: World Street Kitchen


It was advised that if I go to World Street Kitchen that I shouldn’t mess around and go straight for the La Panza tacos. And after I try the La Panza I should eat the La Panza again. Well guys, I did not heed that advice. Even so, I was not disappointed with my decision to get the Squash and Shitake Mushroom tacos. These tacos featured the a fore mentioned ingredients plus feta cheese, a sort of pesto, and pickled cucumbers. I added sriracha chili garlic paste for a bit o spice and played around with more pickled flavors as I also ordered a side boat of pickled goodies: diakon radishes, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and onions. I love pickled everything. These two tacos were incredibly tasty and surprisingly hearty. I’ve been on a mushroom kick for the last few months and while I freaking love meat, it has been fun and delicious to see what mushrooms substitute well for. Mushroom tacos were a good choice and unlike anything I have ever had. All that being said, this is a taco I could easily make at home, and probably will make at home! So thanks WSK for the inspiration but I will probably not order these again as I have a hard time ordering food in a restaurant that I could easily make at home. 20151006_152522That being said, I’m not gonna let the ease factor take away from giving this taco a solid 3 out 5 score. They are delicious, unique, and a taco I would recommend for a mushroom enthusiast or vegan alike.

Also, did you know that WSK offers happy hour Daily from 3 – 6pm & 9pm to close with half priced snacks and beer discounts?! Can’t beat that!


I came to WSK with some friends during said happy hour and they were gracious enough to order the Brussels sprouts snacks and guacamole snacks. They were both super tasty. The Brussel sprouts were roasted then tossed in oil with coarse salt and pepper. They were done perfectly with a good char and crunch but perhaps a bit too much oil as the bottom of the boat sprouts got a touch soggy. I highly recommend the guacamole! Chunky with unmashed hunks of avacado and in house made thick tortilla chips. The  gwak-a-mol had oil drizzled in as well, divine! Lots of great menu items to be had at World Street Kitchen!

Taco Count: 252-253

Taco Review: 3 out of 5


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