Homemade Chorizo and the Final Stretch

20151221_190622I am coming down to the final weeks of taco eating. As of this post I have 10 days left of the year and 11 tacos yet to eat. And the best part is that I have not gotten tired of tacos yet! I was craving chorizo tacos yesterday while at work and my lovely boyfriend, without knowing my intentions, decided to make homemade chorizo! Not just homemade as in he bought a few sausage links and heated them up at home like I normally do. I mean he actually ground and seasoned the chorizo meat completely from scratch. And goddamn they were the best chorizo I’ve ever had! Take a look for yourself:


The worst part is that I only ate 5 tacos when I could have very easily have eaten 10. I think I know what I am eating for the next couple of days!

Taco Count: 354

UPDATE: I forgot to actually post this blog when I wrote it so now it is actually 3 days left in the year and 3 tacos left! I ate a few steak and egg tacos and straight up steak tacos over the past few days with left over prime rib from Christmas. I know this next picture is not actually a taco but I just have to share this monstrous meat with you. It was reverse seared and cooked to perfection!


Taco Count: 362


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