*5-Star Tacos*

This list will be changing as I continue to eat my way through the tacos of the Twin Cities but as of Summer 2015 here are the best tacos I have encountered.

Maya Cuisine: Located in NE Minneapolis, Maya Cuisine boasts authentic tacos and a salsa bar. The taco fillings have spot on flavor and are neither dry nor soggy. Mix and match your salsas to your tacos for new combinations of flavors.

Nico’s Taco and Tequila Bar: Nico’s takes traditional taco fillings and fancies them up to present a clean, fresh taco without sacrificing flavor. Located next to the popular Namaste Cafe in Uptown, the atmosphere is a big draw for Nico’s as it has a patio and full bar.

Sea Salt Eatery: Not especially known for Mexican fares but you absolutely cannot beat their fish tacos or fried calamari tacos. Even though this place is always bustling, it is worth the wait. Drink a beer in line, order some seafood, tacos, or po’ boys, eat on their patio with the sound of Minnehaha Falls rushing in the backround, then wash it all down with some ice cream. It makes for a splendid summer afternoon!

Taqueria La Hacienda: One of the few places I’ve found yet with an actual meat spit for their al pastor. Even the guy at the Mexican market I frequent notes that it is hard to find a meat spit in the Cities. Not only does the meat taste better when roasted on a spit, but their tacos are are authentic too.

La Huasteca: I have yet to find another location that offers goat and lamb tacos. This is definitely a specialty of La Huasteca as they include these meats in Mexican stews as well. I absolutely loved the goat and lamb tacos as well as the pork tamale. The price is also right at $2 per taco for the goat and lamb and $1.50 per taco for their other, more common, meats.



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