Homemade Shrimp Tacos



Taco Pickles and Orange Sauce were sitting in the fridge just waiting to be used. I didn’t have much in the way of protein in the house but I remembered I had shrimpers! That’s when I realized that the Orange Sauce would pair excellently with sauteed shrimp. Corn tortillas with shrimpers sauteed in Orange Sauce with lettuce, taco pickles, an additional drizzle of Orange Sauce, and a small crumbling of feta cheese. I wanted queso fresco but didn’t have any on hand and was too lazy to go out and get some. I know, feta seems kinda weird to put on tacos but it actually kind of worked. But Mexican crema would have been better than the cheese though so the next night when I made these again, I used just that. I ate 7 of these puppies in 2 days. Much Shrimp. Such Yum. 


Sorry these pictures are so terrible, we have bad lighting in the house. But I assure you they were yummy! And easy!

Taco Count: 214-221


BBQ, Beer, and Bocce!

What’s better than a pork shoulder being smoked all day?

That pork shoulder being shredded with a power drill by two handsome men then eaten taco style!



My friend Dave was home visiting family and friends for about a month before being deployed earlier this summer. As a going away party, he invited a bunch of his friends out to his Dad’s house/ranch to have some BBQ and beers.

He prepared some beef rib tips and smoked pork shoulder for all of us esteemed guests. The rest of us schleps brought salads, sides, and sauces. Dave’s dad provided TWO kegs of home brews PLUS home brewed root beer! No wonder where Dave gets his chops from. AND! his dad sent Chadd and I home with 18 fresh eggs! (my boyfriend almost got his eyes pecked out trying to collect said eggs but who cares, EGGS!).

Absolutely everything about this day was fantastic! It was still early in the Minnesotan summer and us of Scandinavian heritage, still slowly thawing out from a long winter, were delighted with such a gorgeous day. We bullshitted over beers on the patio, played some bocce ball, and ate some phenomenal food!



The Connell Carnita smoked pork shoulder tacos gets a 5 out of 5 because you get that phenomenal smokey flavor and the meat was not dried out in the least! Plus you can taste the manliness of the power drill shredding technique, I swear! Some tacos need a bunch of toppings to cover up poor meat, this one, as you can tell from the picture above, only needed a few taco pickles and some verde salsa (which was also homemade by the man of the hour).

Taco count: 169-170. I’m sad I only got 2 tacos because I filled up on so many other delicious delectables.