Taco Review: Taqueria Los Paisanos


lospas3I have begun to expand my taco eating into St. Paul! I recently went to Taqueria Los Paisanos on E 7th Street with some friends. A small corner spot with what appears to be a brand new lighted sign but also a pretty weathered front awning, Los Paisanos showed promise in my theory that the more run down a joint looks, the better the tacos.



Not being extremely hungry, I only ordered 3 tacos (it should be noted that if you are going to go out to dinner later, you probably shouldn’t have a huge plate of super nachos for late lunch). My tacos consisted of carne asada, al pastor, and lengua. The steak and pork were both solid tacos indeed and good examples of how these meats should taste. The lengua was not the best I’ve ever had but a really decent attempt. Just a bit too chewy for my taste and the cubes of meat were larger than I would prefer for a meat with that texture. If you are a texture sensitive person then you probably would not be pleased with these tongue tacos. But with plenty of other meats on the menu, don’t let that deter you from coming here. They also give you a squeeze bottle of chile verde sauce and a bottle of red sauce to bring to the table. The chile verde sauce was pretty amazing and the red sauce had an awesome spicy kick that was surprising to all of us. Much spicier than a lot of house salsas out there. I should have “accidentally” put those salsa bottles in my purse when I left.

Atron-5000, who you will remember from this post, got a carne asada torta. A torta is a Mexican sandwich. I have been wanting to try a torta for a while now but some of the places I have visited look like they are serving the sammich on a bland hamburger bun, which does not look like appetizing. Atron-5000 was a brave soul to try one here and he was not disappointed! It was a huge sandwich with lots of tender sliced steak, a flaky and fresh bun, lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomato. I must go back here to get one. After some fairly run-of-the-mill tacos, I was pretty jealous of his sammich.

My friends Michaelann and Joey came with also and they got quite the feast of loaded nachos, tacos, a burrito, and enchiladas. As their eyes were bigger than their stomachs, they ended up bringing the burrito home for later but cleared their plates otherwise. I had a few chomps of the nachos and I was not overly impressed. The ground beef was over seasoned and super salty. The nacho cheese was basic canned liquid cheese like you would get at a sporting event. Not really my cup-o-tea but then again, I don’t usually go to a taqueria for nachos so this poor nacho performance was not a deciding factor in a taco review for me.



Taco Count: 241-243

Taco Rating: 3.5 out of 5. Los Paisanos may have been deserving of a full 4 considering the reviews that A-tron gave about the torta but since I did not eat it, I cannot judge. Next time!